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Posted: June 15, 2011 at 10:02 am

Fraser Riverkeeper is working with distance swimmer Bill Wittur and the new, free iPhone Swim Guide app that will track his progress as he attempts to swim the length of Okanagan Lake beginning June 17.  Wittur, who currently resides in London, ON, arrived in Vancouver on June 10th to support the launch of the Swim Guide and formally dedicate his swim to Fraser Riverkeeper.

For Wittur, swimming is both a fitness regime and an appreciation of Canada’s water resources.  “Water is our most precious resource,” said Bill.  “I want my swim to help people focus on enjoying it and protecting it.” Wittur learned about the SWIM GUIDE through Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, who developed the application in collaboration with Fraser Riverkeeper and others in the Waterkeeper Alliance.

“Bill made a good choice in challenging Okanagan Lake,” said Fraser Riverkeeper Doug Chapman. “It’s had its problems, but a lot of effort has gone into cleaning it up—especially by treating municipal sewage—and the results are clear in the improved test results.”

Photo by sporkist on Flickr

Ann Mundigal Meraw, the only person to succeed (1958) in swimming Okanagan Lake to date, is joining the media conference to support Bill and offer some words of advice: “Hum a little tune to yourself, something that will help you keep your stroke steady,” she said.

Bill will likely choose a tune from Waterkeeper’s Swim Drink Fish Music Project by his favourites, The Great Lake Swimmers.

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