, Swim Guide Editor
Posted: April 21, 2012 at 10:11 am

If you haven’t already updated Swim Guide on your iPhone, you should check the App Store for your free update.

Swim Guide 2.0 includes an updated, sleek interface that makes the app even easier to navigate. With the new navigation menu, you can now find a beach or report pollution from anywhere in the app.

Beach 2.0Panoramio

Other upgrades:

  • Panoramio integration shows up to 20 photos of every beach
  • New pollution reporting form lets you add photos to your pollution reports
  • Date/time stamp tells you when a beach status was last updated
  • Tap a beach status for more information
  • New pie charts show the historical status of each beach when you tap on a beach status
  • New source section tells you who samples at each beach and what water quality standards apply
  • Map view now lets you see a beach location without launching Google Maps
  • New info section tells you more about Waterkeeper Alliance members and the Swim Guide sponsors
The new version is amazing and offers a ton of features that users have been asking for. Android Version is coming next.

Oh, and no matter what version of Swim Guide you’re running, be sure to check out the Pacific and Gulf Coast areas. California beaches are coming on line right now, and we’ve just added our first beaches in Alabama. Enjoy!

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