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Posted: April 30, 2012 at 5:02 pm

The BP Oil Disaster of 2010 – just two short years ago – made many of us realize that our beaches may not just always be there for our children.  I have never had such an eye opening experience as the day my 2 ½ year old son with his big blue eyes and blonde hair asked me, “The beach is over, Mommy?”

Photo by Louisiana GOHSEP

At the time, oil was washing ashore regularly and the well hadn’t yet been capped.  He just wanted to go to the beach for the day.  I worried about his ability to spend the summer there as a 12 ½ year old (and beyond) bobbing in the waves by day and floundering at midnight.

Photo by Georgia Department of Natural Resources

So many things are different two years later. We still have tons to do to rectify the BP Oil Disaster and prevent any future disasters, but one thing is sure – we are all a lot smarter about how important the health of our beach is to our happiness (and economy, quality of life, etc.).

In planning for Earth Day, Mobile Baykeeper wanted to give the community something useful, simple, that would give you peace of mind and an ability to create a lasting gift to your families.

On April 21, we proudly announced The Swim Guide app ( as our gift to the community.  This smartphone app is a fantastic way to give you direct information on the quality of the water at your favorite beach.  The Swim Guide is also a way for YOU to give back to your family by ensuring the beach is safe and healthy before you load up the beach bag, towels and sunscreen.

Please use this app, this guide to safe beaches to create beautiful memories for your families.  Instil in your children a longing to be outside in God’s creation, to celebrate and cherish life and nature. This is the least we can give back to future generations and, to be honest, to our parents.

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