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Posted: June 21, 2012 at 1:04 pm

Shawn Micallef in the Toronto Star writes a lovely tribute to Toronto’s famed nude beach (one of only two in Canada). Swim Guide is the source for his water quality information:

This beach is a revolutionary rebuke of the uptightness that long dominated Ontario and Toronto. Hanlan’s Point may be the barest expression of freedom we have and the kind of openness good cities provide.

Photo by Grant Hollingworth

The water is clean, too. Swim far out and see ripples of sand deep below. Take accidental gulps of Lake Ontario, as I have for years, and you’ll be fine. You won’t even glow in the dark.

We don’t usually see naked people in Toronto’s public spaces, and on a first trip it might be disconcerting, but soon, unless you’re particularly uptight, it becomes surprisingly normal.

See the full story via Nude beach Hanlan’s Point is all that’s good about Toronto: Shawn Micallef –

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