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Posted: May 28, 2013 at 4:06 pm

Swim Guide has arrived on the Assateague Coast!

Assateague Coastkeeper, Kathy Phillips, announced, “The focus of this weekend’s launch of the Swim Guide – Worcester County is to encourage citizens to celebrate the right to clean, swimmable waters and to promote the importance of the Clean Water Act, established in 1972, in protecting our local waterways.”

The Swim Guide also allows the user to share the whole adventure with their friends and family on social networks. “We are blessed with ocean beaches that are not heavily impacted by stormwater runoff,” noted Phillips, “in fact, Ocean City and Assateague Island are nationally ranked each year with some of the cleanest, safest swimming beaches in the country.”

“However,” Phillips continued, “ I’m often asked if the creeks and bays are safe to swim in, especially after a heavy rainfall. The Swim Guide provides a free, easy to use way for swimmers and surfers to see the most recent bacteria data for all their favorite bathing beaches or for waterways they use for direct contact watersports like kayaking and SUP paddling . Swim Guide-Worcester County will help them make informed decisions about whether to swim, paddle or go jetskiing,” she added, “Swim Guide will help bring this important information to a much wider audience.”

The full story is available in Assateague Coastkeeper’s press release. Click here to view.

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