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Posted: December 16, 2015 at 10:13 am

This group isn’t quite like the rest. Sure, +POOL has conducted intensive water quality monitoring for the past two summer seasons at four sites along the Hudson River in Brooklyn.

And yes, they test for a spectrum of things, including enterococci, pH, and turbidity.

But it’s why they’re collecting the data that’s so unique: +POOL spent the last two years and biked thousands of miles collecting samples along the Brooklyn Waterfront to determine whether it was feasible to build a water-filtering, floating pool in the heart of New York’s watershed.

(Yes, you read that right.)

One Tile At A Time

Plus Pool in New York

Plus Pool in New York

The project started with a simple goal: to change how New Yorkers saw the river by giving them a chance to swim in it. What they came up with was +POOL, a massive filtration system that cleans the water floating through its walls from the river, removing bacteria and contaminants with no chemicals or additives.

The vision? New Yorkers and tourists alike enjoying the Hudson River, in a re-imagined sort of way.

+POOL’s unique technology filters up to half a million gallons of water each day, sort of like a “giant strainer dropped into the river.”

The organization is selling 70,000 tiles to fund the project. If successful (AKA if every tile is reserved), it will be possible for everybody to swim in the Hudson River for the first time in a century.

Plus Pool Sample Pilot

Plus Pool Sample Pilot

What can we say: we’re ready to take a dip.

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