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Posted: December 13, 2016 at 9:50 am

Pulse Energy NZ

The independent electricity and gas retailer is back, helping locals and visitors easily find a great, clean places to swim for the 2016-17 swim season.

Swim Guide is thrilled to announce that Pulse Energy is returning for the third time as the Swim Guide sponsor for New Zealand. Thanks to Pulse Energy’s efforts, the most current recreational water quality information for over 700 New Zealand swimming spots is accessible from the Swim Guide smartphone app and website.

In 2014, Pulse Energy brought Swim Guide to New Zealand, as part of the independent electricity and gas retailer’s contribution to the environment and local communities. Pulse Energy made water quality information for all 700 of the country’s monitored beaches readily available for the public. Gary Holden, Pulse Energy’s Chief Executive Officer, and long-time Lake Ontario Waterkeeper supporter, spearheaded the move.

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Swimming season in New Zealand runs all summer, from late November to March. Pulse Energy staff and volunteers manage the daily water quality updates for all of Swim Guide’s New Zealand beaches. Updates are based on current water quality information from monitoring programs run by each of the country’s 16 councils.

Pulse Energy is committed to looking after New Zealand families. Making the most up-to-the minute water quality information easy to access and to understand will help Kiwis and tourists alike avoid sickness from swimming in contaminated water.

Support from Pulse Energy helps Kiwis make better choices about where and when to swim. Pulse Energy’s support also helps Swim Guide share important information about making everyone’s beach visits safer, more memorable, and more fun!

Pulse Energy long-term support has been instrumental to Swim Guide’s success.

About Pulse Energy

Pulse Energy is a South Island owned, independent electricity and gas retailer, servicing over 55,000 customers throughout New Zealand. Being independent enables Pulse to purchase the best priced generation on the market and pass the benefits onto their customers. Pulse Energy promises refreshing, straight forward, peace of mind electricity supply to all customers. Pulse believes in transparency and that includes being honest and open about our pricing and offering product choices tailored to meet all customers’ requirements.

Pulse Energy is the official Principal Sponsor of the Pulse Energy Highlanders.

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Recreational Water Quality Monitoring in New Zealand

New Zealand’s recreational water quality standards weigh weekly monitoring results as well as a Suitability for Recreation Grade (SFRG) determined by a sanitary inspection of the catchment and concentrations of bacteria measured over five summers. The water quality information for all New Zealand beaches in Swim Guide is informed by the monitoring programs run by each of the country’s 16 councils.

Freshwater sites are sampled for Escherichia coli and and coastal sites are sampled for enterococci. Official bathing sites are typically monitored on a weekly basis during the summer months. Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and toxic algae is also monitored at many sites that are susceptible to the blooms.

To find out more about New Zealand’s recreational water quality monitoring protocol for fresh and marine water click here.

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