The long weekend in August sees a huge spike in people searching for great, clean (and open) places to swim, according to our reports on user traffic. And water quality is top of mind.

Since Swim Guide launched in 2011, the first weekend in August has always been the website and apps’ busiest traffic days. In addition to water quality information, beach goers are also trying to find information on what is open and what is clean while making their beach plans. In Canada, the Civic Holiday is from August 5th (Saturday) to the 7th (Monday).

With many beaches experiencing flooding on the Great Lakes, blue green algae blooms, and other conditions that have closed swim spots, Swim Guide wants to answer the question “can I swim here?” in order to help swimmers make the most of August.

In anticipation of the long weekend, Swim Guide is releasing “best beach” reports for regions in the US and Canada to help beach goers narrow down their search for great, clean, and open swimming spots for the last month of summer. In addition to the existing water quality data and beach information Swim Guide has for over 7,000 beaches in 5 countries, swimmers will be able to visit the Swim Guide blog and social media accounts to access these 2017 lists of recommended beaches.

For summer 2017 Swim Guide recommends these beaches for their consistent excellent water quality (they passed water quality test more than 95% of the time in 2017), and the beaches’ popularity with our users. We’ve also confirmed that these beaches are open this summer.





British Columbia

New Brunswick





New Jersey

New York


South Carolina

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