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Where are the best beaches in Massachusetts? Being on the Atlantic coast this state has some of the most spectacular and beaches in the United States . Swim Guide recommends these Massachusetts beaches for their consistent excellent water quality (they passed water quality test more than 95% of the time in 2017).

They are also the most popular beaches with our users, and as of August 1st they all passed 100% of recreational water quality tests for the year of 2017. For the last full month of the 2017 summer it’s time to go out and explore the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in your area. 

Happy swimming!

Best Beaches in Massachusetts

This is a brackish lake that connects to Nantucket Sound via the Bass River. It is believed by many to be the mysterious Village known as Vinland, a viking settlement 500 years before European Contact in the western hemisphere. While evidence supporting this theory is at best circumstantial locals and visitors debate the possibilities while touring by boat from Bass River to the pond.

Photo by Chris Bickham

Andrew Harding Lane Beach is located in Chatham, a small town in Barnstable County. Located near this beach is the famous Chatham Lighthouse, a lighthouse established by President Thomas Jefferson in 1808.
Barlows Landing Beach is a spacious beach with beautiful ocean views, located on Pocasset Harbor. Here you will find hard sand, rock jetties, lots of boats, and calm water suitable for children. Amenities include a boat ramp, picnic areas, swimming lessons, a boat dock, and a small handicap-accessible parking lot. There are no showers, restrooms, or handicap chairs. Lifeguards are on duty during summer season only. 
Bass River Beach, also known as Smugglers Beach, is located in South Yarmouth, a village in the town of Yarmouth on Cape Cod. It’s a great spot for boating, fishing off the deck, or swimming in the calm water. There’s also a great view if you just want to relax and enjoy something from the snack bar. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer months and bathrooms are available for beachgoers. Parking stickers are required. 

Photo by Doug Kerr

Apponagansett Beach is part of the town park of the same name. In addition to the sandy beach for swimming, you will find scenic views of the harbor as well as areas to picnic and play (volleyball and basketball courts). For the kids, there is a playground. There are lifeguards are on duty during the summer months only, but the park is open year round. During the summer, there is a fee to park at the beach.
This beach, also knowns as West Beach, is located in New Bedford, the number one fishing port in America. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer season from 10am – 5:30pm. The beach is wheelchair accessible and there are restrooms and outdoor showers.
  • Aucoot in Mattapoisett, Buzzards Bay, MA
Aucoot Beach is a small beach that is not well known to non-locals. The beach is located just south of Aucoot Cove. Beach parking stickers are required.
Jones Town Beach is part of Jones Park, a community park in Dartmouth. In addition to swimming at the sandy beach, visitors to this beach can also enjoy softball, horseshoe, and picnicking. There are lifeguards on duty during the summer season. You must pay a parking fee from June through Labor Day.
Bank Street Beach is a sandy beach in Harwich that is a popular destination for summer visitors and residents of Cape Cod. Located on Nantucket Sound, this beach has warm water and small waves making it a lovely place to enjoy a swim on a hot summer’s day. It’s also a great place to simply relax and watch the boats. However, it can get quite crowded and parking fees are in effect.
Spectacle Island is part of the Boston Harbor Islands. The island was formerly used for farming, a quarantine hospital, a glue factory, resort hotels and a garbage dump. It was recently the receiving ground for excavated material from the Central Artery/Third Harbor Tunnel Project. The site is being returned to the public for recreation as a park is constructed over the landfill. It boasts a visitor center, restrooms with showers, hiking trails, swimming, a snack shack, boating, and a marina with day and overnight slips. The beach is supervised by lifeguards from late June through Labor Day. Spectacle is only accessible by boat, and ferry service is available to the islands from Boston and the South Shore throughout the summer season. Park boats also regularly serve several islands in the park. Visitor services information can be found on the web at or by calling (617) 223-8666. 

Photo by Leslee_atFlickr

Atlantic Avenue beach in Harwich is a small beach with views of Nantucket Sound. It is surrounded by private beaches, which are separated from the public beach by rock jetties. The beach doesn’t get too crowded so it’s a great place to relax or swim in the small waves. 

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