Posted: September 27, 2018 at 12:47 pm

About This Episode

Krystyn Tully and Mark Mattson, co-founders of Swim Drink Fish, are joined by Blake Anderson, co-founder of Ace Hill Beer, in this episode. The importance of clean drinking water and Ontario’s dependence on Lake Ontario is discussed.

9 million people rely on Lake Ontario for their drinking water, including the 6.4 million people in the Greater Toronto Area.

A whopping 25% of Canada’s population lives within the Lake Ontario watershed, making it the most populated watershed in the country. Being the smallest and most heavily populated, Lake Ontario is the most vulnerable and threatened of all the Great Lakes. Lake Ontario is the lifeblood of Toronto businesses. And with water fuelling every step of the beer-making process, water responsibility is especially crucial for the beer industry.

Follow along as Blake, Krystyn, and Mark tell a hopeful story of their shared vision for maintaining clean and healthy drinking water, and learn how their shared values are helping local businesses thrive.

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