Posted: September 28, 2018 at 1:26 pm

About This Episode

Toronto chef and restauranteur, Grant Van Gameren, and fourth generation fisherman, Kendall Dewey, are featured in this episode. While fishing on Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County, they talk about the common misconceptions of fishing in this Great Lake.

“You can’t have good fish without good water.”

Grant Van Gameren is well-known across the city of Toronto. Some of his initiatives include Bar Raval, Bar Isabel, Harry’s Charbroiled, El Rey, Victor Dries Catering, Pretty Ugly Bar, Rosalinda, Quetzal, and Tennessee Tavern. Watch as Grant transforms fresh and local fish from Lake Ontario into a gourmet meal. His grilled perch and salt-baked pickerel are sure to leave you drooling!

Kendall and Joanne Dewey own Dewey Fisheries, the only fish processing operation left in Prince Edward County. Over his career as a fisherman, Kendall has witnessed Lake Ontario change dramatically. It once had the largest commercial fishery of all the Great Lakes — now it has the smallest. The Great Lakes fishery continues to decline, with harvests expected to drop by 25% over the next 25 years.

Watch the video to learn how to bring back Lake Ontario’s fishery and uncover the truth about fishing in this Great Lake:

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