The idea of bringing technology to the beach can be contradictory – isn’t the purpose of a beach trip to get away from our screens? We’ve compiled a list of nature-friendly cool beach gadgets that maximize your fun in the sun, no screens required. Whether you’re a parent, student, or senior, you’ll find at least one of these items a must-have in your beach tote.

SunFriend Wearable Personal UV Monitor

For the Sunburn Prone Beachgoer

Price: $32.83 CAD

It can be easy to spend hours sunbathing on the beach, which can be hazardous for your skin. This waterproof UV activity monitor senses when you’ve had too much sun exposure – it lights up to alert you to find some shade! You can customize it to match your skin colour and sensitivity level. Avoid discomfort, unwanted redness and long term skin damage while also getting a healthy dose of vitamin D with this simple tech accessory the whole family can wear.

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Tribit XSound Go Waterproof Speaker

For the DJ and Music Junkie Beachgoer

Photo: @tribit_audio

Price: $49.99 CAD

Featured in TechRadar’s list of ten best waterproof speakers this year because of its expansive sound quality and excellent battery, this is a must-have for your next beach day. Compared to many bluetooth speakers, it’s also relatively inexpensive. Sing to your favourite tunes during a picnic lunch on the beach or take it with you into the water for pool-style karaoke!

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SAFEGO Portable Safe Lockbox

For the Beachgoer who is always thinking ahead

Photo: @getsafego

Price: $39.95 USD

This device allows everyone to go for a swim at the same time without worrying about your valuables – simply lock them up and hang around your lawn chair or a tree branch. Set it with a three digit pin you’ll remember and enjoy your beach day! Made of ABS resistant plastic, it’s lightweight and water resistant.

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Sand Free Compact Beach Blanket

For the Beachgoer looking to take it easy

Photo: @the_cozy_official

Price: $19.99 USD

Leave the sand at the beach where it belongs – not in your car, your hair, clothing or in any of your belongings when you pack up after a beach day. Made of high quality polyester, it’s also waterproof. Pick one up for the busy parent or professional in your life who would love nothing more than to lie back or read a good book at the beach. Join the thousands of beachgoers who satisfied with the versatility of this blanket – it’s Amazon’s number one choice for an outdoor beach blanket!

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Swim Guide App and Website

For every beachgoer

Price: FREE
Download here

Last but certainly not least, the best beach gadget of all is Swim Guide. You can learn about water quality at nearly 8000 beaches across 10 countries, submit photos of your favourite beach, and be a part of a community of over 3 million recreational water users around the world. Available for iOS and Android, both apps are available for free in the Apple Store and on Google Play.

Now that you have some new cool beach gadgets in your beach bag, bookmark the health and safety section of our blog to stay in the know about how to protect yourself during each visit.

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