Posted: July 28, 2020 at 1:34 pm

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Swim Guide is here to help you connect with water. For most people, that means delivering reliable, up-to-date information about your favourite swimming spots.

During Covid-19, we have expanded our efforts to keep you safe at the beach

Here’s a summary of the new features and services in Swim Guide that explain how Covid-19 has affected your favourite beaches and swimming holes.

1. Covid-19 alerts on our beach pages

New beach pages alerts tell you if there is something you need to know about a beach. Our U.S. state pages tell you if there are beach closures and whether or not water is being monitored.

2. Covid-19 alerts on our region pages

New region alerts tell you if there are regional advisories due to Covid-19, like a statewide alert. You can see a list of all regions in the footer of our home page.

3. Special Covid-19 announcements on our blog

When necessary, we issue announcements about things that may affect your access to the water. For example, we published special advisories on the July 1 and July 4th holidays. Follow our blog for special announcements.

Going outside and spending time with your local waterbody is a great way to care for your mental and physical health in these difficult times. That’s why we let you know which beaches you can go to, what you can do there, and how you can stay safe while you’re enjoying the water.

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To make our information even easier to access, we’ve compiled a list of the most important things you need to know during Covid-19:

1. Top 5 Covid-19 guidance blogs for beaches and recreation

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2. Top 3 Beach Basics about Covid-19

Can I go outside during coronavirus?

5 fun things to do while social distancing at the beach

Will it flush? The novel coronavirus special edition

More and more of us are visiting our waters. We’re realizing how critical it is to keep our rivers, lakes, and oceans places where we can go to seek refuge, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

In the past few months, Swim Guide has been used by a record-breaking number of people, demonstrating how valuable the service is to millions of people just like you. Please continue to enjoy the service, and stay healthy.

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