Flathead Lake Open Water (FLOW) Swimmers

FLOW Swimmers was founded in 2014 by Mark and Dana Johnston. After moving to Polson, MT to take advantage of open water swimming in Flathead Lake they created the Flathead Lake Open Water Swimmers. Flathead Lake in northwest Montana is the largest natural freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. It is reputed to be one of the cleanest lakes in the world. As of 2016 there was no formal recreational water quality monitoring at the lakes popular bathing spots. FLOW Swimmers intends to run an 8 week monitoring program in 2017 for three of the most frequently used swim spots on the lake.

phone: 406-298-FLOW (3569) 

email: coach@flowswimmers.com

website: http://www.flowswimmers.com/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mark.johnston.9041

address: Flathead Lake Open Water Swimmers, Polson, MT 59860

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