Midcoast Conservancy

We are an innovative conservation organization with the mission to protect and restore vital lands and waters on a scale that matters. We achieve our mission through strategic land, water, and community programming. With a legacy dating back to the 1960’s, Midcoast Conservancy’s current iteration was created in 2016 when the Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association, the Sheepscot Wellspring Land Alliance, Hidden Valley Nature Center, and Damariscotta Lake Watershed Association joined together, adding the Medomak Valley Land Trust in 2019 to form a region-wide innovative conservation organization.

We are now one of the largest conservation organizations in Maine, with over 14,000 acres of land conserved, 56 preserves open to the public, 3 watersheds protected, and 1,600+ members supporting our efforts.

email: info@midcoastconservancy.org 

website:  www.midcoastconservancy.org  

instagram: @damariscottalakewatch , @midcoastconservancy

facebook: Damariscotta Lake Watch – Midcoast Conservancy, Midcoast Conservancy

Midcoast Conservancy
290 US Rte 1, Edgecomb ME 04556

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