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"The Swim Guide app has been a truly invaluable tool for Fraser Riverkeeper; both in terms of building support for our organization locally, as well as educating the public about the dangers of polluted water and keeping recreational water users safe and informed about important water quality advisories in our watershed. Managing information through Swim Guide’s Beach Manager software is a breeze, making it both simple and easy to update beach listings with the most up-to-date data from our local health authorities."
- Joe Daniels, Fraser Riverkeeper
"The Swim Guide platform is very user friendly and easy to use. The staff at Swim Guide is a pleasure to work with and always helpful when needed. By helping keep the community informed about swimmable waterways, the Swim Guide is bringing awareness to environmental issues."
- Heather Macchia, NY/NJ Baykeeper
"We love the Swim Guide because it provides a platform to present water quality updates from multiple sources in one place.
Swim Guide makes it convenient to provide regular water quality updates to our supporters that are easy to comprehend.
Our supporters love that they can use the Swim Guide to check water quality in so many different places!
The Swim Guide support staff is fantastic - they are very knowledgeable about the platform, they are always friendly, plus they are always looking for new ways to improve the experience of both admins and users!"
- Cheryl Carmack, Charleson Waterkeeper
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Swim Guide divulgue les meilleures données que nous possédons au moment où vous voulez les consulter. Obéissez toujours aux avis affichés sur les plages ou diffusés par les organismes gouvernementaux. Restez vigilant et vérifiez s’il y a d’autres risques pour les baigneurs, comme les marées et les courants dangereux. Veuillez signaler les cas de pollution qui vous préoccupent pour que les affiliés puissent assurer la sécurité des personnes qui fréquentent les plages.

Swim Guide, les icônes représentant la baignade, un verre d’eau et la pêche, et les marques de commerce qui y sont associées appartiennent à l’organisme SWIM DRINK FISH CANADA.