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Waterkeeper Swim Guide and The Weather Network announce new partnership (Press Release)
August 31, 2015

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Waterkeeper Swim Guide and The Weather Network announce new partnership to help you plan a better day at the beach

(August 28, 2015 — Toronto) — Swim Guide, the most helpful beach information service on the web, has teamed up with Pelmorex Media, owner and operator of The Weather Network and MétéoMédia, to help people plan a better day at the beach.

Using information provided by Swim Guide, the Weather Network now offers Beach Reports for 6,000 beaches from coast to coast in North America. Canadians can now access Beach Reports from the Weather Network’s website, check recent water quality information, and use the information to choose cleaner beaches.

By making it easier for Canadians to access water quality information, Swim Guide hopes to empower people to protect their health and promote environmental stewardship.

Half a Million !
August 21, 2015


Photo Credit: Krystyn Tully

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is proud to announce that Swim Guide has over 500,000 individual users. That’s amazing.

A half a million people have better access to water quality, which means they can avoid getting sick from swimming in contaminated waters.

A big thanks to our supporters, our partners, and to recreational water users everywhere. A special thanks to our Swim Guide Affiliates who work hard everyday to ensure that we have up to date water quality information.

Let’s Go Swimming – Swimmable Water Weekend 2015
July 27, 2015

We work every day to prevent people from getting sick from swimming in contaminated water. That is the primary goal with Swim Guide. And it’s a shared goal between all 55 of our Swim Guide affiliates who contribute their time and their data, updating the app with current water quality information.

But Swim Guide also aspires to get people to swim. Because swimming is marvelous.

Georgia’s on our mind thanks to Satilla Riverkeeper
July 9, 2015

Lazy rivers braided through swamps and salt marshes. Spanish moss and pecan trees veiling the full might of the Atlantic. Fat alligators and Blackbeard’s ghost. These are Georgia’s waters.

We absolutely love having Georgia on Swim Guide.

Thanks to the Satilla Riverkeeper’s water quality monitoring program we are now able to offer Swim Guide users water quality information for the Satilla River system.

Swim Guide and the Weather Network
June 26, 2015


Check it out, we have new partnership.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Swim Guide’s water quality data feed is up on the Weather Network!

Here are the links for the beach report:

The Weather Network


You can also access the Beach report from the Weather Network’s main navigation > Forecasts & Reports > Lifestyle > Beach report

Access current water quality information just got easier.

More to come.