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Being a Community Scientist for Swim Drink Fish - Testing

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Ashley Bowes, Author at Swim Guide
Ashley Bowes, Waterkeeper Swim Guide
February 17, 2023

Picture this. It’s finally summer and you’re excited to hit the beach to cool off from the sun’s hot rays. You eagerly jump into the water only to find that it’s bitterly cold!

While a crisp, cool dip in the lake or ocean can be refreshing and give a boost to our physical and mental health, most people cannot withstand cool water temperatures for more than a few minutes. In fact, water that is too cold can be rather dangerous to our delicate human bodies.

Most people will find their ideal water temperature for swimming to be around 25-28 degrees celsius, which is actually regulation for Olympic swimming pools. Unfortunately, these warmed-to-perfection pool temperatures only exist in natural water bodies around the equator, leaving many of us to endure goosebumps and chattering teeth when swimming or relaxing in our local waterways.

Although humans may not tolerate super cold water, there are many animals that not only survive—but thrive—in these low temperatures. On the other hand, there are some animals who prefer it warmer, just like us!