Cape Fear River Watch

Cape Fear River Watch

Founded in 1993, Cape Fear River Watch(CFRW) is a 501c nonprofit based in Wilmington, North Carolina. Their mission is to protect and improve the water quality of the Cape Fear River Basin for all people through education, advocacy and action.

Working with their partners, they have a history of proven success in protecting their watershed. Additionally, CFRW plays a key coordination role in the Cape Fear River Partnership which is focused on fisheries restoration in the Cape Fear River.

The CFRW offer multiple opportunities for citizen engagement through our citizen science Creekwatchers program, monthly seminars, paddles and clean-ups. They provide education to both children and adults through eco-tours and summer camps. They also manage the Greenfield Lake boathouse at a Wilmington city park, which gives the community access to the lake on paddle boats, kayaks and canoes.

CFRW is an active member of the worldwide Waterkeeper Alliance.The Alliance recognized Kemp Burdette,the CRFW’s full-time RiverKeeper®, as a “Waterkeeper Warrior” as an individual that has fought and won some of the most significant clean water battles of the past 20 years.

Contact Information

phone: +1 850-290-2350 


website: Cape Fear River Watch 




Address: Cape Fear River Watch,617 Surry Street, Wilmington, NC, USA, 28403

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