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Friends of Deckers Creek

Formed in 1995, Friends of Deckers Creek (FODC) is a non-profit watershed organization that serves to protect the 64 square mile Deckers Creek Watershed. Deckers Creek spans Preston and Monongalia Counties in West Virginia, descending through a steep gorge with waterfalls, boulders, and rapids. Upper portions of the creek are a popular destination for kayakers, rock climbers, and anglers, thanks to the remediation efforts of FODC and other local organizations. Through large-scale water remediation projects, stream-side litter cleanups, community outreach workshops, and environmental education, it is FODC’s goal to make the entire length of Deckers Creek fishable and swimmable, turning the creek from a liability into a community asset.

In 2002, FODC established the Clean Creek Program with the purpose of routinely monitoring water quality and biological communities within the watershed. Then, in 2018, FODC launched a bacteriological monitoring program to investigate total coliform and E. coli levels in Deckers Creek and its tributaries. FODC continues to test popular recreation sites with the goal of promoting the safe enjoyment of Deckers Creek.

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Facebook: @DeckersCreek

Instagram: @fodc_wv

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Contact Information:

Website: deckerscreek.org
Email: info@deckerscreek.org
Phone: (304) 292-3970
Mail: PO Box 877 Dellslow, WV 26531

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