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Red de Observadores Ciudadanos AC / La Paz Waterkeeper

Red de Observadores Ciudadanos (ROC) / La Paz Waterkeeper has a Water Program and as a the main project it has developed the Water Quality Monitoring Project.


ROC’s Water Program has a citizen participation initiative denominated La Paz Waterkeeper. Through this program, the community is informed about the quality of water for recreational use, promoting human and environmental health through informed decision-making. ROC’s commitment is to the conservation of the Bay of La Paz and the protection of human health.

Water quality monitoring.

ROC carries out water quality monitoring systematically throughout the year at recreational beaches and other sites of interest in the Bay of La Paz. Through a methodological sampling process, we identify the presence of bacteriological contamination that could pose a risk to public health. The objective is to protect the health of the users of the recreational beaches, identifying sources of contamination and informing the public if beaches are safe for swimming, fishing and general recreation.


Email: alberto.guillen@roclapaz.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ROCLaPaz

Instagram: @roclapaz

Website: https://roclapaz.org/

Address: Aquiles Serdán #3745, Col. Pueblo Nuevo
La Paz, Baja California Sur, México, CP 23060

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