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Lake Watch of Lake Martin

Lake Watch of Lake Martin is dedicated to preserving and improving the water quality of Lake Martin, the biggest lake by volume in Alabama, and its surrounding waters. Lake Watch takes a proactive approach to protect and enhance Lake Martin’s water quality by working with governmental and non-governmental organizations on water quality issues within the Tallapoosa River Basin and throughout the state.

A vital element of this approach is our extensive water quality monitoring program that has established a baseline of trend data to help address future threats to the lake. Our volunteer monitors are trained and certified by Alabama Water Watch to test water chemistry and do bacteriological monitoring (including E. coli and other coliform bacteria).

Lake Watch was formed in 1991 as an all-volunteer non-profit organization in response to citizen concerns about pollution that posed an ecological threat to Lake Martin. Lake Watch has grown into an organization with four main areas of interest: conducting scientific studies through its volunteer water quality monitoring program; increasing public awareness of water quality issues; emphasizing the importance of water quality through environmental educational initiatives; and influencing water policy to promote increased protection of Lake Martin and its tributaries. We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

email: info@lakewatch.org 

website:  www.lakewatch.org 

facebook: www.facebook.com/Lake-Watch-of-Lake-Martin


Lake Watch of Lake Martin

218 S Tallassee Street

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