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Power To Be

Power To Be has recently partnered with Swim Drink Fish to launch a new monitoring hub in Victoria at their Prospect Lake site! Power To Be is a non-profit organization that creates access to nature for youth, families, and adults living with cognitive, physical, financial, and social barriers. By designing, adapting, and delivering a variety of programs, Power To Be empowers people to engage and connect with nature. 

Aligning with these values, Swim Drink Fish believes that accessible water is clean water.

The Victoria Monitoring Hub will conduct weekly water quality testing with samples collected from locations in Victoria and transported to the Power To Be basecamp for analysis. Additionally, by participating in programs created and led by Power To Be, Swim Drink Fish will have the opportunity to educate the community through water literacy and water sampling workshops. People will have the opportunity to volunteer and contribute to the community science movement while taking action to protect and restore our waterways.

Together, Power To Be and Swim Drink Fish work towards connecting people to land and water.

Website: powertobe.ca

Facebook: facebook.com/PowerToBeAdventureTherapy

Twitter: @powertobe

Instagram: @power_to_be

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