Savannah Riverkeeper

Savannah Riverkeeper serves as the primary guardian of the Savannah River striving to respect, protect, and improve the entire river basin through education, advocacy, and action. They are a 501c(3) non-profit organization funded by individuals and foundations that share our commitment to creating a clean and healthy river that sustains life and is cherished by its people. We strive to be an effective and sustainable organization solely focused on making the Savannah River a healthy and productive watershed ensuring the natural, economic, and recreational viability of the basin as a whole now and for generations to come. We accomplish these goals by working under the pillars of restoration, protection and education.

In their Augusta division, SRK is seeking support to establish a veteran outreach program offering participants the opportunity to test water quality in the Savannah River watershed. The program will provide a partnership opportunity between our organization’s mission and veterans with a need or desire for community involvement, field training in water sciences, and other technical skills.

Veterans will be responsible for the entirety of the process from sample collection to dissemination, building skills in field science, information technology, communications and more. Participants will also have the opportunity to integrate with our K9 Illicit Sewage Detection Program, using canine partners to sniff out leaks and trouble spots. Participants will be testing for bacteria, and chemical parameters.

Phone: 706-826-8991
Instagram: @savriverkeeper
Address: 328 Riverfront Drive Augusta, GA 30901

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