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Shawn Mosey

Shawn Mosey is Swim Guide’s first private citizen to join the Swim Guide affiliates’ program. Shawn Mosey is from Rice Lake. Rice Lake is part of the Trent-Severn Waterway, located just south of the Kawartha Lakes. He manages updates for Northumberland County, in Ontario.

“I am among the third generation of Moseys to live on or cottage on Rice Lake. Rice Lake is more than just the setting for my countless life-defining stories. Instead, Rice Lake is a character in my stories: it is alive, it interacts, it changes and it provides for me a place to swim, a place to drink and a place to fish. Rice Lake is my oldest and dearest friend. Rice Lake is a part of my family.”

You can read Shawn Mosey’s full Watermark here.

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