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St. Mary’s Riverkeeper

The St. Marys Riverkeeper grew from the vision of several members of the St. Marys River Management Committee (SMRMC) into an advisory entity made up of commission-appointed citizens from Baker and Nassau Counties in Florida and Camden and Charlton Counties in Georgia, the jurisdictions through which the St. Marys River flows. While the SMRMC serves in an advisory and planning capacity to their respective county governments, the founders believed that the river needed a powerful advocacy and fundraising group to protect it from the growing threats of land development and population growth.

A proposal to the Waterkeeper Alliance was prepared in the fall of 2015 and accepted in February of 2016. With that, the newly formed St. Marys Riverkeeper became the 280th member of the Waterkeeper Alliance worldwide, the fastest growing water conservation movement on the planet. In April, 2016, we received our 501c3 non-profit status.

phone: +1 904-875-6255 

email: communicationssmrk@stmarysriverkeeper.org 

website: www.stmarysriverkeeper.org 

facebook: www.facebook.com/stmarysriverkeeper/

instagram: @stmarysriverkeeper

300 Osborne Street
St. Marys, Georgia 31558

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