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Frink Dock at Frink Park

Clayton, New York

Frink Dock, located at Frink Park in Clayton, New York, is an ideal swimming location for people who want to enjoy the park, the St. Lawrence River, and the town of Clayton. There is no true "beach" at this location but it is a lively place to swim during the summer months with families bringing picnics and fishing poles. There is also a farmer's market there on Thursday evenings and a summer concert series on Sunday evenings.

Recreational public beaches in upstate New York are tested at least once every week typically from mid-June to September. Freshwater beaches in New York are posted when a single sample exceeds 235 E. coli / 100 ml or when the geometric mean of samples collected over a 30-day period exceeds 126 E. coli / 100 ml. Chapter I of the State Sanitary Code Subpart 6-2 includes more criteria for freshwater quality, but most monitoring agencies rely on the E. coli standard.


Frink Dock at Frink Park is sampled weekly from July 6th to August 31st.

The status of this beach is GREEN.

This means the Waterkeeper organization managing a beach has set the beach status based on special local knowledge or information. Check the beach description and the Sources section for details.

The status of this beach was last confirmed by Upper St. Lawrence Riverkeeper on September 4, 2015 at 06:53:05 PM UTC.

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