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Dune Allen Beach

Dune Allen Beach, Florida

Dune Allen/Fort Panic Regional Beach Access is handicap accessible and operated by the Walton County Tourist Development Council. This area of the Gulf of Mexico’s coastline has several dune lakes, including the popular Oyster Lake. These unique features offer diverse habitats and wildlife viewing opportunities. Lifeguards are on duty from March through September. Flags advise those enjoying the turquoise waters and white beaches about surf conditions. The access operates dawn to dusk. Onsite amenities include parking and restrooms. Fishing regulations/licenses may apply.

Water Quality

  • Open for Swimming
  • Current Status

The status of this beach was last confirmed by Emerald Coastkeeper on June 20, 2016 at 02:14:48 PM UTC.

Monitoring Frequency

Dune Allen Beach is sampled weekly from March 1st to November 1st

Source Information

Walton County beaches are monitored by the Florida Healthy Beaches Program. Prior to July 2011, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) tested for both Fecal Coliform and Enterococci to determine water quality in fresh, brackish and marine water environments. Due to resource cutbacks in the Healthy Beaches program, the state now tests only for Enterococci.

Monitoring results are collected weekly on Monday and results are posted to the Florida Healthy beaches website on Wednesday. Sites are resampled within a few days when bacteria counts exceed acceptable levels. Samples are collected year round at some of the beaches in Florida, however the monitoring season in Walton is from March to November. Swim Guide checks for the latest information daily, Monday - Friday during the peak swimming season.

A beach is marked Green when single sample results show Enterococci counts below 104 cfu (colony forming units) / 100ml of water or when the geometric mean of 5 samples are fewer than 35 MPN (Most Probable Number) colonies of Enterococci per 100 ml of water.

A beach is marked Red when two consecutive single sample results show Enterococci counts above 104 cfu/ 100 ml of water or when the geometric mean of 5 samples is greater than 35 MPN of Enterococci / 100 ml of water.

A beach is marked Grey when there is no current or reliable monitoring information available.

Please note: Vibrio vulnificus bacteria, also known as flesh eating disease, is a naturally occurring bacteria in some of Florida's waters. This bacteria can be lethal, especially when contracted by individuals with compromised immune systems. Concentrations of the bacteria are higher in the mouths of rivers near oceans. The bacteria is most dangerous when ingested in raw seafood but recent deaths have been attributed to individuals who have waded in water with broken skin. Beach goers are urged to use caution and consult a physician if you suspect you have come into contact with the bacteria.

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