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Moses Smith Creek

Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Managed by Waterkeeper Swim Guide

Moses Smith Creek is a beach in Dartmouth on Buzzards Bay. The creek is located near Round Hill Beach and has been closed on several occasions due to enterococci contamination.

Water Quality

  • Open for Swimming
  • Current Status

The status of this beach was last confirmed by Waterkeeper Swim Guide on June 30, 2016 at 02:01:11 PM UTC.

Monitoring Frequency

Moses Smith Creek is sampled weekly from June 1st to September 1st

Source Information

Local boards of health, county department of health, and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation monitor beach water quality in Massachusetts. The monitoring seasons is May through September.

Some beaches are tested weekly, while others are tested bi-weekly. Infrequently used beaches or beaches that historically have had very few, if any, water quality issues are tested less often, while high-use or historically problematic beaches are tested more often.

Swim Guide checks for the latest information daily, Monday - Friday during the swimming season.

A beach is marked Green when there are fewer than 104 units of Enterococci per 100 ml of water or when the geometric mean of 5 samples contain less than 35 units / 100ml of water.

A beach is marked Red when there are more than 104 units of Enterococci per 100 ml of water or when the geometric mean of 5 samples contain more than 35 units / 100ml of water .

A beach is marked Grey when there is no current or reliable monitoring information available.

Swim Guide shares the best information we have at the moment you ask for it. Always obey signs at the beach or advisories from official government agencies. Stay alert and check for other swimming hazards such as dangerous currents and tides. Please report your pollution concerns so Affiliates can help keep other beach-goers safe.

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