Beaches in California

Independence Day Beach Closures in California

  • California State Parks: California State Parks in Souther California and in San Francisco are will be closing temporarily from July 3- July 5. According to the state government, " California State Parks is implementing safety measures to reduce the density of visitors over the Fourth of July weekend (July 3-5) in the State Park System. All state beaches in Los Angeles and Ventura counties will be temporarily fully closed to the public in alignment with county public health orders, as well as in Monterey County to align with local agencies. State Parks will also be temporarily closing vehicular access at all beaches in Orange, San Diego, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Sonoma counties."

  • LA County : LA County beaches, piers, beach bike paths and beach access points will be closed from Friday, July 3 through Monday, July 6. County Supervisor Janice Hahn explained that is "Due to rising #COVID19 cases all @CountyofLA beaches will be closing again temporarily this weekend, July 3rd through 6th." Violating the closure amounts to trespassing, punishable by fines up to $1,000. Read more here about the LA County 4th of July beach closures.

  • Monterey County: Monterey County officials announced the closure or limited access to all beaches throughout the county for Independence Day weekend. The closure will begin Friday, July 3 until Monday, July 6.

    Monterey, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach are closed. All State Parks are also closed.

  • Santa Barbara County: Santa Barbara County announces it's closing beaches for the holiday weekend, from July 3 - July 5. Further, those who fail to comply with the restrictions face fines and imprisonment.

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    California, USA is the ideal destination for surfing, swimming and beach lounging. Laguna Beach, Venice Beach and Newport Beach are trademarks of the Californian coast and attract millions of water users each year. Popular beaches in California also include Huntington Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Hermosa Beach and Coronado Central Beach.

    National parks in California are also water rich and include gems like the Channel Islands National Park. Located off the coast of Southern California and accessible by boats, kayaks and small seaplanes, the Channel Islands are a remote oasis with pristine waters untouched as the islands host no permanent residents. Scuba diving, remarkable beaches and whale watching abound, the coast of California is cherished by swimmers, divers and boaters alike.

    Catalina Island also has some of the most coveted beaches off the Southern Californian coast. Descanso Beach, South Beach, Middle Beach, Step Beach and Two Harbors Beaches provide great conditions for swimming, snorkeling and beach lounging. Catalina is majority-owned by conservation authorities, and as a result there are no roads that connect the public beaches. The protected beaches are best accessed by sea kayak and boat.

    California also has many riverside beaches and freshwater lakes to enjoy. The Klamath and the Russian Rivers are just two of the state's many freshwater swimming gems.

    Water users should pay attention to extreme water events and stay clear of beaches and coastal waters for 48 hours after rain, due to the chance that the water has been polluted with sewage and stormwater runoff. In Southern California, most stretches of surf have storm drain pipes and the government of California does not collect information on the outfalls discharged into the ocean. While warning signs are posted post rainfall, water users should stay informed and try to swim and surf 100 yards away from sewage outfall pipes.

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