Beaches in Idaho

Keep your distance from other people

Practicing social distancing is still essential. Only go to the beach if you are able to keep 6 feet or 2 meters away from others. Follow the instructions provided by your local health authorities. If your community has asked that you remain indoors and away from others, do so. Spending a day in any crowded place is the worst thing we can do for our most vulnerable right now and will counter our efforts to curb the virus’s spread. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What a stunning place to have on Swim Guide, running under all that Idaho sky. Many of Idaho's best swim spots are alpine lakes, glacier-fed pools, rivers rolling and tumbling between mountains. The views. Oh, the views. Recreational water activities in Idaho as always a feast in scenery. Idaho is landlocked. All of it's recreational waters are freshwater. Lake Pend Oreille, Sandpoint is one of the most stunning lakes in the state. The Snake River, which is featured prominently on Swim Guide, thanks to Snake River Waterkeeper, travels through six US states and is the largest tributary feeding the Columbia River. The Snake River is a powerful river. It is also very steep, making the Snake River one of the US’s most important hydrologic resources.

Have you noticed pollution at your local beach? Let us know.