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The team at Swim Drink Fish Canada (formerly Lake Ontario Waterkeeper) launched the first Swim Guide website and app back in 2011. Their goal was to help beachgoers find clean swimming holes near Lake Ontario. In the beginning, Swim Guide showcased 200 beaches in southern Ontario.

As of 2019, water quality information for 8,000 beaches was being updated daily by a network of more than 80 Swim Guide Affiliates from Canada, Mexico (Baja), Australia, New Zealand, France, Ireland, the Bahamas, and the United States. Affiliates get the data from official government monitoring sources or citizen-led sampling programs that meet regulatory standards. Nearly 3 million people rely on Swim Guide to help them understand beach water quality issues, avoid contact with polluted waters, and create powerful memories on the water.

Swim Guide succeeds because people love beaches. They crave easy-to-understand information about water quality, beach life, and the issues that affect swimmable water. That’s what Swim Guide offers.

In 2016 Swim Guide is launched, Swim Guide’s Beach Basics. This new service offers users stories, how-tos, and educational information. It helps families find beaches and live an environmentally-friendly, healthy life by the water.

As of 2018 our apps are available in English, French, and Spanish, and including engagement tools to help get people outside and to the beach.

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Swim Guide can connect you with the right expert for your story. Whether you want to talk about planning a trip to the beach, recreational water quality, environmentalism and technology, or water law and policy, we have access to some of the best swimmable water ambassadors in the world.


  • Nearly 3 million people use Swim Guide to find clean beaches
  • Swim Guide helps users discover 7,500 beaches in Canada, the USA, Mexico, the Bahamas, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and France
  • Water quality information comes from government and nonprofit monitoring and is updated daily, where available
  • Swim Guide is managed by Swim Drink Fish Canada
  • Organizations who wish to become Swim Guide affiliates can join here, or by emailing
  • Swim Guide users can report pollution or environmental concerns using the “Report Pollution” tool in the app and website
  • Swim Guide is available in English, French, and Spanish
  • Visit Swim Guide’s new website at or download the free app for iPhone or Android

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