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...Founded in April 2018, Cork Harbour Waterkeeper is the first Waterkeeper Alliance member in Ireland. They are an independent organization funded and driven by concerned individuals as it pertains to water pollution in the Cork Harbour area. Cork Harbour Waterkeeper aims to be a voice for those affected by the onslaught of water pollution, providing a platform for people to discuss their...

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...[sg_inline_image id="10084"] We are absolutely thrilled to be announcing the newest affiliate: Cork Harbour Waterkeeper in Cork, Ireland! Started by Noel Sheehan and Christine O’Neill, Cork Harbour is the first Swim Guide affiliate on the other side of the pond, bringing not only a new country to Swim Guide, but an entire continent. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Cork Harbour Waterkeeper...

...recreational water monitoring network exists in Ireland with nearly 200 monitored sites across the country. Of those, the EPA monitors 142 locations - 133 marine water and 9 fresh water. The other 50 sites are monitored by local, citizen science and grassroots groups such as Swim Guide affiliate Cork Harbour Waterkeeper, who monitor 12 sites in and around the Cork Harbour.

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