Coalición por el agua de Baja California Sur

Coalición por el agua de Baja California Sur
Coalición por el agua de Baja California Sur was officially launched in 2016. The coalition was created to address the urgent, long term water quality issues in state of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Baja California Sur has 5 municipios (municipalities): Mulege, Loreto, Comondú, La Paz, and Los Cabos. The Coalición has a member in each municipality.

From north to south the members of the coalition are:

1. Mulege – Santa Rosalia Coastkeeper
2. Loreto – EcoAlianza de Loreto AC / Loreto Coastkeeper
3. Comondú – Vigilantes de Bahía Magdalena / Magdalena Baykeeper
4. La Paz – Red de Observadores Ciudadanos AC / La Paz Waterkeeper
5. Los Cabos – Amigos para la Conservaciónde Cabo Pulmo ACCP

The five organizations work together in order to influence government decisions in the medium term. In addition to communication campaigns and coordinated activities during the year, the organization monitoring water quality. In fact, without their water quality monitoring program, there would be no information available for recreational water users in Baja Sur.

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