North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper

North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper
The North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper is registered Canadian charity and an initiative of Swim Drink Fish Canada operating in Edmonton, Alberta. Riverkeeper educates and informs the community about their watershed through water literacy programming, the Swim Guide, and the Watermark Project water story program, among others. By connecting the community to the water and empowering the community to recognize and report threats to their watershed, Riverkeeper builds a community of stewards promoting a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future for all.

Riverkeeper first monitored the North Saskatchewan River in 2017 and is monitoring again in 2019. Riverkeeper is monitoring the water quality at Accidental Beach and Terwillegar Park. Accidental Beach made its first surprising appearance in 2017 following sand and sediment build-up during the construction of the Tawatina LRT bridge. The beach drew record numbers to the shores of the North Saskatchewan River with its picturesque cityline background and its proximity to central Edmonton. Meanwhile, Terwillegar Park is a popular location for many recreational water users as a launch point for open water swimming groups as well as canoes and kayaks. As an off-leash dog park, Terwillegar is also a place where dogs and their owners cool off in the river.

Since 2012, the North Saskatchewan Riverkeeper has been updating Swim Guide data for the prairie provinces. Hundreds of beaches across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba have up-to-date water quality information provided by Alberta Health Services, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health, and the Government of Manitoba, along with other organizations.


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