The Flathead Lakers

Since 1958, our mission has been to protect clean water, healthy ecosystems, and a lasting quality of life in the Flathead watershed.

The Flathead Lakers’ approach is to encourage land and water stewardship, broaden the constituency for responsible and thoughtful land use planning and resource management, and build partnerships to more effectively address conservation priorities so that our communities can absorb growth and provide economic opportunities while maintaining our special natural heritage and quality of life for future generations.


Bringing agencies, organizations, and stakeholders together to protect and restore lands critical to lake quality through our Conservation and Restoration Program and the Flathead River to Lake Initiative.

Working with partners to advocate for greater safety measures for the transportation of Bakken crude oil along the wild and scenic corridor of the Middle Fork Flathead River.

Educating our community and visitors about the threats of aquatic invasive species to our watershed.

Keeping our membership informed and updated on important issues facing the watershed.

Helping to monitor Flathead Lake with our team of citizen science volunteers. Strong citizen science can be a community driven way to continue to monitor our freshwater systems when federal and state funding for water quality monitoring declines

Providing educational events for everyone in our community, like our Science on Tap-Flathead program.

Educating our local students, Lakers members, and the community how to be watershed stewards.

Contact – Amber Stanfield: 406-515-9262





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