Beaches in Indiana

Indiana is one of 8 states that border the Great Lakes. The best beaches in Indiana are found on Lake Michigan. Indiana’s shores along Lake Michigan feature white sandy beaches where rolling dunes tower and families flock. The name Michigan originates from the Ojibwa word “Mishigami” meaning “big lake”. Beaches in Indiana offer a range of recreational water activities, from swimming, kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, and scuba diving to visiting the lake’s numerous shipwrecks.

One of the best known Lake Michigan beaches in Indiana is Indiana Dunes. This is a perfect place for a beach day. Conditions are excellent for everything from sand castle building to windsurfing. Other great beach options include J.W Wells State Park in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, best known for its popular beaches, boating and clean swimming waters. Ludington State Park is also a popular beach destination where tubing and dock diving are recommended.

While Lake Michigan is the most recognizable water body to the north, don’t miss out on other great swim spots like Pokagon Beach, Lake Monroe, Hidden Paradise, Miller Beach and Brookville Lake, just to name a few. Dock diving, tubing, canoeing lessons and secluded beaches are all available.

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