Beaches in Mississippi

Mississippi is a southern state situated along the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi Sound. Although it has a relatively narrow Gulf Coast, there are still sixty-two miles of sandy shoreline to enjoy.

Mississippi’s most popular beach is West Ship Island which is part of Gulf Islands National Seashore. The pristine gulf waters and the tranquil shore of West Ship Island, make it the perfect destination for reactional activities including swimming and snorkeling. It’s no wonder this beach was named one of the best in the country by USA Today.

Pass Christian, or as it is known to locals, “The Pass”, is home to a quieter stretch of beaches along the Gulf Coast. This area is also dubbed the Birthplace of Yachting in the South and even President Theodore Roosevelt was known to frequented the spot often to sail.

In 2005, a number of Mississippi’s beaches were severely damaged by Hurricane Katrina, but they have since been restored and re-opened for the public to enjoy.

Known for its southern hospitality and charm and with plenty of water to enjoy, the state is the perfect place for outdoor recreational activities. So whether you are an angler, a boater or a paddler, Mississippi has something to offer.

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