Beaches in Louisiana

Louisiana is a southern state with a long coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. The state’s unique estuarine basins are an incredible treasure. Beaches in Louisiana are a mix of barrier islands and gulf beaches, as well as freshwater lakes. Louisiana’s long, hot and humid summers are very enticing to beachgoers. Beaches in Louisiana may not be as well known as other U.S. beach destinations, but this makes them all the more charming. Many are urban, accessible and inland.

You’ll also find lots of sand beaches in Louisiana. Grand Isle is the closest and most popular beach destination from New Orleans. Cypremort Point Beach, Holly Beach, North Beach, Fontainebleau State Park, North Beach, and Shell Beach are all popular destinations. Port Fourchon beach has the only surfing in the state. Lake Charles offers a freshwater alternative to marine beaches.

Louisiana unfortunately has a history of water pollution and poor water quality. Recreational water users at Louisiana beaches are urged to always adhere to beach advisories so as to avoid contracting recreational water illnesses.

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